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Two Rivers has 4 sub-committees. They include;

Glasgow Downtown Association



Business Incentive & Retention

What these groups did for Valley County 2020-21

Glasgow Downtown Association

ALIVE AT FIVE – Held the 3rd Wednesday of June, July, August, and September, these events rotate around the downtown footprint bringing food, entertainment, and *people* to downtown Glasgow.

•  POLAR PUTT PUTT – Held annually in January or February, the Polar Putt Putt is a one-day miniature golf tournament that brings golf pairs through downtown businesses in a competition for the coveted title. Awards ceremony follows at the Elks.

•  DOWNTOWN LIGHTING – Provides support for the ongoing downtown lighting project.

•  RED ANTS PANTS – Applied and were rewarded within of four statewide Red Ants Pants banners.  The flag, which was hung in the Loaded Toad Courtyard, attracted travelers to our downtown area to take selfies in an attempt to win weekend passes to the music festival.

•  TEMPORARY SIGNAGE PROJECT – In an attempt to make downtown Glasgow more welcoming and cohesive, BS Central prints up GDA posters for us relating to various events that bring people to Glasgow (i.e. sports tournaments, reunions, etc.).  These are dispersed to downtown businesses to hang on doors/windows.

Wayfinding & Beautification



•  Moved into phase 3 of signage adding 2 kiosks, 1 large highway sign, and 3 directional signs.

•Held our annual Valley County Clean Up Day.

•Constructed downtown flowerpots/Christmas baskets in collaboration with the City.

•Assisted with funds and volunteers to the Underpass Beautification Project in collaboration with the City & Cat Sugg.

•Supported storefront beautification with over $7500.00 in matching funds the last 2 years.

•Assisted with funds and volunteers to paint the  Mural on Allie’s building.

•Assisting TBID with metal Welcome Signs to replace cloth banners.

•Assisted City of Glasgow with  funds for replacement trees downtown.

Business Incentive & Retention


•Has reached out to Family Dollar, Mustard Seed & North 40 about bringing a new business to town. Construction and installation of new business has been halted since Covid started.  

•Supporting small businesses with our 501C3 status/grant opportunities

•Letters of support for other Valley County Projects

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